Our team at Aristocut provide a complete range of sawing, drilling and grinding services throughout the local area and greater Far North Queensland region. We offer services for domestic, commercial and industrial requirements, and have the expertise and manpower to handle projects of any scale.

Domestic Services - cutting kerbs for drainage, driveways, walls (internal & external), drilling and grinding, sealing and polishing. Industrial and Commercial applications include drilling up to 1100mm diameter, handsaw to 400mm deep, chainsaw to 600mm deep, wall saw to 700mm deep and floor saw to 500mm deep, as well as grinding, sealing and polishing.

Our reliable service vehicles are stocked with hydraulic, electric and fuel driven equipment, enabling our staff to be able to perform our extensive range of services both internally and externally, to fulfill your individual demands.

Floor Sawing

  • Road/floor (diesel) saws are generally used for concrete and bitumen cutting of external areas with a capacity to cut to a depth of 500mm.
  • Electric: this 3 phase power saw is designed for internal concrete cutting projects with a maximum depth of 300mm.

Hand Sawing

  • Petrol driven, hand saws are versatile and used for cutting floors and paths that are inaccessible for a floor saw, as well as external block and concrete walls and concrete pipes. Hand saws have the capacity to cut up to a depth of 150mm.

Ring Sawing

  • Hydraulic or petrol ring saws can be used for a range of applications, with a cutting capacity of 260mm.

Dragon Sawing

  • Petrol or hydraulic dragon saws have an optimal cutting capacity of 400mm.

Chain Sawing

  • Hydraulic or petrol chain saws can be used for many different applications. This saw will cut to a depth of 600mm, and will provide square openings in walls or floors with no overcuts.

Track Mounted Wall Sawing

  • 3 phase electric, the track mounted hydraulic or high-cycle electric wall saw is mounted on tracks for precision and portability. With a capacity to cut vertically, horizontally and inverted, to a depth of 700mm on pre-existing structures.

Wire Sawing

  • Wire saws are heavy duty and are generally used for industrial applications, as this type of saw can cut concrete structures of nearly any thickness. Regularly used for bridge deck demolitions, dam walls and cutting other thick concrete structures, it is incredibly powerful and durable.

Core Drilling

  • Electric or hydraulic drilling is the most commonly used method to penetrate concrete. It is often used for utilities, when cables need to be run under the ground through concrete, as it creates small and accurate round holes, ranging fro 16mm diameter to 1100mm.

Floor Preparation (Grinding and Polishing)

  • Grinding is one of the steps incorporated to remove any imperfections from a concrete surface in preparation for polishing, as well as a process used to level uneven slabs. It is regularly undertaken to remove glue, paint and other types of residue on concrete floors.

Soff-cut joints

  • Soff-cut saws are primarily used for early-entry sawing, such as the cutting of expansion joints with a depth of 25mm to 75mm.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

  • Ground penetrating radar is an accurate and non-evasive way of distinguishing reinforcement and services in concrete. It is crucial to use this type of radar prior to drilling and sawing, to avoid complications with utilities, as well as for onsite safety. The results of the radar can also be provided in a report.